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 * VASE –Verification and Attack for Hardening the IT-Security Environment

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“VASE provides benefits to you all, IT-Security experts!”

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Managed VASE Service

NEON’s experts guarantee IT-Security protection by managed processes & tools

Automated Effectiveness

Short interval checks are key for the SOC-team to stay ahead!

VASE Attack Library

Get access to get prepared for the latest IT-Security offenses

Precise Software Agents

Controlled processing to ensure sharp SIEM detection capability

The principle

See, how it works…

By systematic and automated end-to-end attacks, VASE checks for the detection capability of the SIEM and functions of related IT-Security components in the customer IT environment.

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Aligned with Your IT-Security needs

Today’s SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) installations are typically complex, requiring high efforts in operations & maintenance. Through VASE (Verification and Attack for Hardening the IT-Security Environment) NEON provides automated support, empowering SIEM environments to ensure continuous cutting-edge IT-security protection.

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Use Cases

Extensive application possibilities

VASE supports a broad range of use cases, automating security testing to enhance SIEM environments and realted tools with continuous, cutting-edge IT-security protection and reducing operational and maintenance efforts.

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*NEON is a technology partner of Elastic®

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